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Spa Village Pangkor Laut is the first and the flagship of the Spa Village Brand. Spread over four acres and  Spa guest rooms above the sea, this spa represents the entirety of the  healing cultures of Malaysia. Baldip Singh, of YTL Design, meticulously created healing huts in the vernacular of the Chinese, Malay, and Indians.

The Bath House experience consists of a journey through Malay style bathing, Herbal Steam Pots, a Japanese Scrub House, Rotenburo, and an invigorating Shanghai Scrub.

Guests stop by one of the healer's huts to receive a personal consultation and determine what treatments and experiences will be best.

Every Treatment Pavilion is designed for couples and has it's own private outdoor lounge, luxurious bathing tub, shower and toilet.

Breakfast and lunch can be enjoyed by the pool. And guests are often be found either relaxing in the open air library, or curled up for a nap in one of the Nap Gazebos.

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