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Founded SPAd 1994

Some guiding principals...

Have a joyful life experience

Let go let love

How you feel determines results

Balance is relative

Live creatively

Savor grit

Transcend need

Art is love Kalisher



Paige131101 (3).jpg

Paige and Sylvia began working together on the opening of the Chopra Center La Jolla in 1996 where she was Operations Director. When Spa Ojai opened in 1997 Paige joined as their first Spa Director. Paige began consulting with SPAd in 1999 and became a partner a few years later.

Though often working feverishly behind the scenes, our clients, and Sylvia, know and appreciate the impact she has on the success of SPAd.

A running joke between Sylvia and Paige is when Sylvia starts a conversation with "We need to ....". It immediately cracks them up, knowing it's meant as the "royal we" and that Paige will likely be the one actually doing the work.


Chik Lai Ping, Sylvia, Melissa Mettler


The first Spa Village opened in 2002 after almost five years in development. In the beginning it was just Dato Mark Yeoh, Sylvia, and Chik Lai Ping. Lai Ping was plucked out of the Marriott KL fitness department to be schooled in the ways of spa. She is now Vice President of YTL Spa Division with close to 200 staff members, ten branded and non-branded spas and growing.

As the number of spas grew so did the management team and a well-oiled task force for openings has evolved. Of the managers and trainers in the group photo, six began their careers at the very beginning at  Spa Village Pangkor Laut. They keep the brand life going.

YTL Spa Consultant, Melissa Mettler, joined the team in 2011. Initially training in hospitality and treatments, Melissa now oversees development and openings in Europe and the UK and provides a fun infusion of creativity to the brand.

These wonderful people, and more, are who make Spa Village successful in all ways.

For more information on how this team works, please read Katie Barne's delightful coverage in Spa Business magazine.

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