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Research - Oh yes, we did go to the headhunter's museum! We also watched as a fake healer in a local side show induced some gullible tourists into trances of their own making. And we spent the day exploring the area with a kindly professor who shared his love of stories and Borneo with us. What mesmerized us most was when our small boat slowly made its way through the protected Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and on to the pristine Gaya Island sitting in its midst.


As usual, the YTL Design team strategically designed and carefully placed every step and every building, maximizing views while minimizing impact.

The local healing culture is rich with the traditions of the various indigenous people who inhabit Sabah. That culture can be experienced in the spa.

Wellness in nature is the norm here, not a prescribed program. Whether its yoga among the mangrove, diving, fishing, hiking through a diterocarp forest, or just breathing in the ocean air, you will be embraced. 


And, you'll gain major street creds when you post selfies with #ProbosisMonkeys

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