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During the Colonial Era, Brits sought and found the cool air of the Malaysia highlands. They also recognized the environment as suitably effective to grow the teas they so love. Cameron Highlands was named after one such gent and the teas of the region still fill the pots of millions around the world.

Given the history, it was not a far stretch to envision spa bath tubs being filled with steaming tea straight from the faucets. From the start Dato Mark Yeoh was not in favor. Sylvia persisted. After months of discussion and research, a meeting with his engineers took place. They assured him that it could be done. It was at this point that Dato Mark threw up his hands and declared, "It has taken Malaysia decades to ensure that clear water comes out of the faucets! We are not having brown water come out of my faucets, even if it is tea!"

And so the bathing ritual consists of the staff brewing industrial strength pots of tea to be added, along with tea leaves, flowers and strawberries, to the tubs at Spa Village Cameron Highlands.

Indigenous mountain people are still around and willing to pose with you on your trip up the mountain. Their healing traditions have been generously shared and can be experienced in the spa.

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