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Some projects are memorable for their design, locale, story or other aspects. Though the RTKL design is beautiful and uniquely compatible with the Adison Mizner hotel, it's something else that first comes to mind when I think of Spa Palazzo.

It was about midnight, the night before opening. Earlier in the day, Sylvia decided that the spa looked too empty. With no money left in the budget, and no one around to approve anything anyway, a kind and trusting local vendor who carried goods from Afghanistan stepped in to save the day. She was convinced that once Mr. Glennie, then President of Boca Raton Resort + Club, saw how much better the spa looked he would approve and buy all the lamps, carpets, and accessories that added the finishing touches.


After training, cleaning, prepping, arranging decor, with everyone else understandably gone home for the night, cohort and dear friend, Gina Preziosa, and Sylvia, decided to make sure "one more time" that every piece of the extensive water features were functioning properly. They can still be reduced to the exhausted, hysterical laughter of that night when they turned on the jet showers full blast, and got soaking wet as they struggled, water blasting into the wet area, trying desperately to tame the beast. Spa openings are the best.


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