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George Lidicker, then Managing Director of Enchantment, traveled to a spa conference in Europe to find a spa consultant for this special project. The name that kept coming up was "Sylvia Sepielli". He then inquired as to how to contact this person. Thad Hyland informed him that she lived in Sedona. George was, and still is, a neighbor a stone's throw away from her house.

The biggest challenge was not to screw up this sacred space in Boynton Canyon. Fortunately, Dana Tang was retained to create and execute the design. Her understanding and interpretation of SPAd's concepts of conveying the reverence of sacred buildings, blurring outdoors and in, night and day, the Crystal Grotto touching the earth and sky, and numerous other elements resulted in this iconic destination spa. Dana brought special meaning to the term "the spine".

An all inclusive destination spa with 16 guest rooms, a 24,000 sq ft building that houses a three-meal-a-day restaurant, 1,500 sq ft retail shop, library, fitness room, yoga studio, and treatment rooms.

Gluckman Tang

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