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As with so many of the classic old hotels in Malaysia, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur had strong British influence. Built in the colonial style in 1932 , the service also exuded the expat culture.

Given an old side building with a two story lobby that opened to a surrounding of second floor of rooms, Sylvia was reminded of something and knew which design direction would work. It was the tall murals of Mrs. Cranston's Tea Room by Scottish architect Charles Renee Mackintosh. YTL architect, Zaidan Douz, was also a fan and interpreted those designs in a fresh and lively way. The long lines take advantage of the center height and encourage the eye to soar.

Chik Lai Ping, VP of Spas, and YTL Spa Consultant, Melissa Mettler, put together an operational flow and treatment menu worthy of a traditional "tea time". Spa Village treatments often make one feel as if you could eat the products.

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