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Gathering the world's best spas to calm the ravages of the dragon of modern life.

A flashing spiral light board welcomes you as you cross over the bridge to Enoshima Island Spa, Enospa, Japan. This four story "water play land" features 15 separate experiences including several thermal hot springs. Water and light shows, six restaurants to serve all tastes and budgets, spa treatments, a dedicated Shiatsu Salon, and hundreds of people come each day to enjoy this day spa. Children six and over are welcome every day but Sunday.  If it sounds like a lot happens here, it does. But, you can still find secret places where the water is quiet and Mount Fuji can be viewed.

The only really traditional thing about Enospa is the "very strict no-tattoo policy". Consider yourself warned. If discovered there is also a "no money back" policy. Otherwise, have fun!

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