What makes A Sylvia Spa?

Kindred spirits meet

First, it's the magic that occurs when the right team connects. When getting into a relationship that can last from two to twenty years, joyful and creative connection is important.  The pillars of ownership, design team, operations, and SPAd are the foundation of each project and form a strong bond.

Visions are created

When sense of place, the real people who use the facility, and  the experiences are contemplated, a vision  emerges. 

Owners, staff, and guests find joy

The spa or wellness facility brings enrichment to the guests, fulfillment to the staff, and profitability to ownership. It becomes a beautifully sustainable cycle.

Principles + Principals

Sylvia's spas become a living part of their surroundings. Kurt  Matsumoto

There's nothing cookie cutter about Sylvia's spas. Thad Hyland

Sylvia is responsible for the indigenous trend. She started it. Toni Nurnberg

A Sylvia Spa consultant


Conceptual development



Program development

Product development

OSE development

Retail planning






Sylvia Planning And design

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